четвъртък, октомври 18, 2007

Aleksey Zhalov: Most Bulgarians in Albania live in Golo Bardo

There is no data about the exact number of Bulgarians in Albania, Aleksey Zhalov, Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian Speleological Federation and author of articles about the Bulgarians in Macedonia, said in an interview for FOCUS Radio - SMOLYAN. Zhalov said he was familiar with the life of Bulgarians in the region of Golo Bardo, where there were 21 Bulgarian villages. The largest is Trebishte, where there live 1,200 Bulgarians. 4,200 people live in the municipality of Golyamo Ostreni, who self-define as Bulgarians. But the difficult life forces these people to migrate to larger cities and there are complete regions inhabited by Bulgarians in towns like Elbasan, Dures and the capital Tirana.


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