четвъртък, октомври 18, 2007

Bulgarians in Albania

How many are Bulgarians in Albania? Macedonian media react to Albanian media publications about the hundred thousandth Bulgarian society in Albania. FOCUS News Agency asked for comments Bulgarians and institutions that have visited Bulgarians in Albania about their living districts, about their living conditions, what is their number and what must be Bulgarian national policy to Bulgarians abroad. At the same time the topic Bulgarians in Albania was constantly raising by different people.
About 40,000-50,000 persons with Bulgarian origin live in Albania Sofia. About 40,000-50,000 persons with Bulgarian origin are living in Albania, chairperson of State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad Denitsa Hristova told FOCUS News Agency. There is no recognized Bulgarian minority in Albania as yet. There are three Bulgarian associations in Albania - Association Prosperity Golo Bardo, Tirana, Bulgarian classes to the Association Prosperity Golo Bardo - Tirana and Elbasan and Culture association Ivan Vazov, Tirana.

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