четвъртък, октомври 18, 2007

Plamen Pavlov: Bulgaria must insist for Bulgarian minority recognition in Albania

The number of the Bulgarians in Albania is over 100,000, according to Macedonian organizations that claimed that all of these people are Macedonians, historian Plamen Pavlovtold FOCUS News Agency in reference to the publications in Macedonian media about the number of Bulgarians in Albania. Plamen Pavlov explained that all of these 100, 000 persons are local citizens. Macedonian propaganda affirmed that Macedonia is divided between Serbia, Greece and Bulgaria. There is a fourth Macedonian part that in Albania ant it is exactly these 100,000 people, Pavlov said. The population of Mala Prespa, Gora and Golo Bardo is Macedonian Bulgarians. Bulgarian minority in Albania is not recognized, Pavlov added. Plamen Pavlaov said firmly that Bulgaria must insist for recognition of the Bulgarian minority in Albania.

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